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How To Add Javascript In Blogger Through Gadget

Written By Soumyodeep Mondal on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 | 10:33 AM

Hello Friends sometimes you need to add some Javascript code to blogger for any purpose.

Here i have made a small tutorial that will help you a lot.


1. Log in in to your blogger account and select your blog.

2. Go to Dashboard and navigate to "Layout" option.

3. After that you will see the layout of your blogger. You can see  there have a option called "Add a Gadget" , Click in there. (See the below picture)

4 Then after clicking , a box will open , there in "Basics" tab move the cursor to the middle of the page and search "HTML/Javascript" gadget.

5. When you will find "HTML/Javascript" gadget option click on "+" button on there.

6. After that another box will come up where you need to put your javascript code.

7. After putting your javascript code click on "Save" option.

8. Then you will see that the gadget will save to your blogger layout and click on "Save arrangement" option

9. Now you have add your javascript through gadget to your blogger successfully

Notice: All the content and material of this website are strictly copyright to this website's administrator please do not copy our material to your websites or your blogs without the  administrator permission.

This tutorial is made for better understanding your tutorial and for blogging and other purposes, if you have a any doubt on this tutorial feel free to contact with us. Thanks.

Enjoy the tutorial and have a nice day.


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